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  • $ 33000

Developed to help gun club owners offer high end shooting experiences without breaking the bank.

Are you a Sporting Clay, Trap or Skeet club owner?   Do you look at the end of the month and wonder where did all the clay pigeons go?   The BIRD-BOT was designed with Gun Club owners in mind.  Most club owners are quick to find out, the cost to implement a counting trap controller is nearly prohibited.  Look no more.  The BIRD-BOT will help increase profits by allowing single shooters to pull traps without a trapper.   It will also help you determine the count of clay pigeons the shooter pulled.



  • Quick to install    - just plug into existing buttons system on clay pigeon trap machine
  • Counter - gives a count of the number of buttons pushed to launch clay pigeons
  • Countdown Mode - counts down from pre-loaded value
  • Free Range Mode - counts up on the number of button pushes
  • Trap Agnostic - connects with most Trap, Skeet and Sporting Clay machines
  • Delay - adds 3 seconds of delay before launching the pigeon
  • True Pair - launches both A and B traps simultaneously
  • Report Pair - simulates a report pair
  • Flurry - random flurry of 3 birds for fun and games buddy shooting
  • Belt Hook - allowing easy movement around the station or skeet field
  • Easy to Use - plug the Bird-Bot into the pigtail and push the button to launch the clay



Just plug two clay pigeon trap machines from your Sporting Clays, Trap or Skeet House into the pigtail.

Next, hand the BIRD-BOT to the shooter and let them shoot.

The BIRD-BOT will count each time the button is pushed

(Note: it will not count the actual clay pigeons thrown, 9v battery required)

 BIRD-BOT Quick Start Guide

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