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The BIRD-BOT was developed to help gun club owners offer high-end shooting experiences without breaking the bank.

Are you a sporting clay, trap or skeet club owner?   At the end of the month do you look and wonder where all the clay pigeons went?   The BIRD-BOT was designed with gun club owners in mind.  Most gun club owners are quick to find out that the cost to  implement a counting trap system is nearly prohibitive.


    • Countdown Mode
    • Free Range Mode 
    • Single Shooter 
    • Counter 
    • 3 Second Delay 
    • True Pair 
    • Report Pair 
    • Flurry


    Important Notes:

    • The BIRD-BOT counts buttons pushed not actual clay pigeons launched.
    • The controller operates with a 9 volt battery and is not wireless.



    The ITTY-BITTY BIRD-BOT is an alternative to the larger BIRD-BOT with only two buttons used to launch clay pigeons from one or two traps.  The ITTY-BITTY BIRD-BOT can be used by service technicians when repairing trap machines.   It does not have a counter system nor require a 9v battery.